the One Race Global Film Foundation, an organization dedicated to fostering the growth of diverse national and international voices in under-served communities within the global entertainment industry through education and training in film, video, and new media production.

The One Race Global Film Foundation (ORF) was founded by actor, writer, director Vin Diesel with the mission of providing film and video production training to members of underserved communities in developing countries.

Program Director, Irving Vincent, created an intensive one month film production program which provides students with the opportunity to create their own short film. The curriculum was modeled after NYU's high successful Media Workshop which helps low income students transition into the Tisch School of Film Production. The program was designed as part of the state wide HEOP program (Higher Education Opportunity Program). The Media Workshop was designed by Mr. Vincent under the visionary leadership of Dr. Param Chawla with the objective of increasing the number of diverse students in NYU's internationally renowned film program.


Teaching the next wave of filmmakers.