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June 1, 2010
From Lauren Sinclair

On May 23, nine international NYU students hailing from Palestine, Senegal, Jamaica, India, Iran, the Dominican Republic, and Israel departed New York for Santo Domingo. There, they joined twenty-one other students from Haiti, the U.S., and the Dominican Republic to participate in a media based conflict resolution program run in conjunction with New York University’s Opportunities Programs and One Race Foundation. 
After spending an intensive week absorbing lectures on the sociological and colonial histories dividing the island of Hispaniola, training and learning new technologies and media, meeting President Fernandez, and getting to know one another, the students discussed and reflected on their motivations and impressions of the program so far.

Ayed Fadel, a visiting NYU student from Palestine, enthused over the opportunity this unique program provided to “express himself without limits, with full support for his creative ideas.” He was similarly thankful for the opportunity to learn about the Haitian-Dominican conflict- a topic of interest for him since they share the same island, which allows him to reflect more broadly on conflict he personally experiences.

Erez Yosef, a visiting NYU student from Israel, was thankful for the opportunity to engage his interest in communications. Looking back at the first week, he noted that the variety within the group, especially linguistically, highlighted their diversity, while also presenting challenges which they worked to overcome. He observed that the diversity in the group was reminiscent of that in his own society.

Tamaro Kane, a recently graduated NYU senior from Senegal, reflected that the conflict resolution theme was most attractive to her: “Using film to show conflict and making it accessible to the masses is an important way to visually convey pressing social issues.” She admitted that even after one week, her perspective has shifted so that she is “dreaming in scenes and shots now.”

Marjon Javadi, a Persian American NYU grad, was thankful for the opportunity to fuse her business
background and film internship with her passion for film. Noting that “everyone [in the group] has lived so much life” she is inspired by the group’s diversity and the encouraging atmosphere.

Finally, Roni Wolf, a visiting NYU student from Israel, expressed her appreciation for being supported so firmly, both by her peers and by the program coordinators and TAs. Artistically, she feels that she is being taken very seriously, which will surely lead to a strong product she can be proud of.