One Race Global Film Foundation

About us

The One Race Global Film Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by actor, director and writer Vin Diesel, with the mission of fostering the growth of diverse national and international voices in under-served communities within the global entertainment industry. 

Through education and training in film, video, and new media production One Race students gain hands-on experience as writers, producers, directors, actors, cinematographers, physical production technicians and editors of short film and video projects during an intensive summer training program and year-round weekend workshops conducted in host countries. 

The One Race Global Film Foundation’s program was developed by Program Director, Irving Vincent, and incorporates the curriculum utilized by NYU’s highly successful Media Workshop which helps low income students transition into the Tisch School of Film Production.  This four-week intensive Media Workshop was designed as part of the state-wide HEOP program (Higher Education Opportunity Program) by Mr. Vincent under the visionary leadership of Dr. Param Chawla.  The primary objective of the HEOP initiative is to increase the number of diverse students in NYU’s internationally renowned film school. 

Through the One Race Global Film Foundation Summer Intensive, young filmmakers learn every facet of the filmmaking process – from a story’s inception to completion.  In partnership with New York University and the government of the Dominican Republic, the Foundation has already served over 500 aspiring filmmakers and graduated more than 80 students who have produced over 25 short films during their tenure.

We are extremely proud of the quality of the works produced by our students and encourage our supporters to get in touch with us via e-mail below.  You can also make a donation by visiting our donations page or sign up for e-mail updates here.