One Race Global Film Foundation

El Reloj

2009 Summer Intensive


Since 2006, over 180 projects have been completed by students. They work together as writers, directors, cinematographers, producers, and editors as they learn the fundamentals of filmmaking with the goal of creating competition-worthy works of art.

Watch films** from the 2009 Summer Intensive Program:

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Tiempo Extra Written and Directed by Jonathan Pimentel

Moments after his death, a hit man contemplates where his life went.

Tiempo de Negacion Written and Directed by Kelvin Mejia

A man prepares breakfast for his wife.

The Hunt Written and Directed by Nelson Peralta

When a man follows a young girl home, he gets more than he bargains for when she turns the tables on him.

Permission Written by Violeta Lockhart and Directed by Jose Ignacio

A Dominican girl confronts her father before going on a date with a Haitian.

La Fanatica Written and Directed by Karen Eliana Estévez

A fan stalks her favorite soap opera at his hotel to get a glimpse of the heartthrob.

La Espera Written and Directed by Dilenia Hernández

In the afterlife, a girl desperately waits for Mr. D to take her to the great beyond.

Indiference d’un Couple Written and Directed by Sophonie Zidor

When a couple breaks up, a girl realizes she’ll never be able to forget her one true love.

Guillermo’s History Written and Directed by Guillermo Molina

A special agent is on a mission to steal a top-secret CD from an evil organization.

El Reloj Written and Directed by Deivis Fermin

A man waits for a girl to pass his house at the same time everyday.

Asechada Written by Kelvin Mejia and Directed by Watson Balmyr

A woman finds herself being stalked by her neighbor.

El Caso Written by Karen Eliana Estévez and Directed by Deivis Fermin

Two detectives hunt for an elderly woman’s murderer.

Watch other films:

2D:3M Written and Directed by Andres Mateo Martinez

An experimental piece on a man’s desire to live inside a movie frame.

Apertura Written by Laura Guzman and Directed by Jay Rivera

A loner falls in love with the model of her photographs.

De La 33 a La 64  Written and Directed by Jay Rivera

An homage to Julio Cortazar and jazz legend Charlie Parker.

Dominican Fu Written and Directed by Eduardo Martinez

A young ninja on a special mission.

One Race Global Film Foundation - Promo

A look at our program in the Dominican Republic.

Shine Written and Directed by Dante Lara

An illiterate shoe shine boy learns that honesty is the best policy.

Mariposa Written and Directed by Maria Victoria Hernandez

An uncle's birthday gift unties a chain of events that will degenerate into a young girl's transition away from innocence.

Zapatos Rojos Written and Directed by Erika Torres

A prostitute faces the dangers of working the streets late at night.

The First Time Written and Directed by Edna Lerebours

Two people meet daily and bond on an abandoned bus.