One Race Global Film Foundation

Meet Our 2009 Alumni Teaching Assistants!

We are very proud to have recent program alumni return to our campus as teaching assistants.  True to the spirit of the One Race Global Film Foundation, these talented young individuals believe in giving back to their community in order to help enrich and grow the film industry in the Dominican Republic.

Dante Lara – SI 2007 alumnus
A native of Santo Domingo, Dante served as Technical Coordinator for the Presidential Commission on the Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development from 2005 to 2009. He managed the commission's IT, website development, video production and editing and photography as well.  Dante was also a PA on the film "Los Bandoleros," shot in the Dominican Republic. He studied graphic design at UASD and in his spare time enjoys sports and directing events.

Jay Rivera – SI 2008  alumnus
Jay was born in Santo Domingo but grew up in the northern city of Santiago, where he studied at communications, media and culture at the prestigious PUCMM.  An avid photographer and cinematopgraher, Jay participated in Primera Toma and was selected as one of four directors for the final projects.  Afterwards, Jay focused on the short film “Todas Las Dimensiones, La 4ta,” about a man who desperately wants to live in another dimension with the object of his desire, which he wrote and directed. Jay is also very into the music scene, working with musicians, attending concerts, and playing in his own rock band.

Laura Guzman – SI 2008 alumnus
Born and raised in Santo Domingo,  Laura graduated from APEC as an education and culture major, but her interests have always been in film and television production. In 2008, she participated in Primera Toma and was selected as one of four writers for the final projects. Afterwards, Laura was given the opportunity to work for the Dominican Global Film Festival.  She served as assistant to the editor and multimedia department at Documente cxa, and in her spare time writes short and feature length scripts.

Crisermy Mercardo 
Crisermy has been working in the industry since she was eight years old, presenting on a television show in the Dominican Republic. After graduating from the Universidad Iberoamerica, she relocated to New York to study acting at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. She’s acted in a number of shorts, including those shot in SI 2008 and the NYU Opportunity Creative Arts Project 2008.  In her spare time, Crisermy volunteers at the GFDD/FUNGLODE, as well as the United Nations Association in the Dominican Republic.