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The ORF Summer Intensive (SI) program is a rigorous four week training course that introduces students to all aspects of film production - from screenwriting to producing to editing. 

Week One:  On day one, students are separated into groups of four and rotate roles as director, videographer, interviewer and interviewee – an exercise which not only helps the students to familiarize themselves with the filmmaking process but also offers them an opportunity to get to know one another and work in a team.  Students are then divided into five person production crews – rotating into different positions.  Each student develops a dialogue-free commercial or public service announcement.   This exercise emphasizes the importance of visual storytelling.  By the end of the week each student will have written, directed and edited a commercial or PSA. 

Week Two:  In week two, classes are held at Telecentro 13, a popular television station in the Dominican Republic.  Each student produces and hosts their own 10 minute segment, while the rest of the class rotates positions in the control room and on the studio floor.  Students gain experience as directors, technical directors, assistant directors, floor managers, camera operators, audio engineers, CG/graphics and video recorders.  This week focuses on the importance of teamwork in the film and television industry. 

Week Three:  In week three, students focus on the fundamentals of screenwriting and directing by crewing for one another on their 3-5 minute narrative shorts.  Each student writes, produces, directs and edits their own short, while their fellow students work as cinematographers, gaffers and sound mixers.  Based on the storytelling strengths shown during this week, four students are selected to write an original narrative project. 

Week Four:  In week four, the writers submit final drafts of their scripts and four students are selected to direct the final films.  Based on skill and strength levels, the remaining students are assigned the roles of producer/production manager, cinematographer, gaffer, sound mixer and editor.  By the end of the week, these four festival ready films will have been completed. 

At the end of the course, the students of the ORF Summer Intensive complete 20 commercials, 20 TV show segments and 24 short films which are screened at a special Awards Ceremony for family, friends and supporters of the program.

Check out the photos in our photo carousel to get a glimpse into the fast-paced world of  the ORF Summer Intensive.