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Day 20 - June 26, 2009
It’s a wrap!

After a grueling night of post-production that ran into the morning, tonight we premiered the students’ work at the Mauricio Baez Cultural Center to a packed audience of over 300 guests. Keynote speakers at the graduation included: Irving Vincent, Director and Vice-President of the ORF, who gave some lasting words of inspiration to our future filmmakers, Omar De La Cruz, Director of Audiovisuales at FUNGLODE, who encouraged everyone to become more involved with the Foundation, and Leo Corporan of the MBCC, who excitingly announced an upcoming partnership with the One Race Foundation, designed specifically for their high school students. Towards the end of the night, our very own Guillermo and Karen gave rousing speeches on how the course has helped all the students develop their artistic talents.

In four weeks, our students completed 17 commercials, 10 TV studio shows, 17 short films, and 3 ten-minute narratives. We’re all very proud of their accomplishments.  Congrats to all the students of the ORF Summer Intensive 2009 !

Day 19 - June 25, 2009
It’s the final day of production for Summer Intensive! As directors and their crews shot in the mornings, the editors were working non-stop to get screening cuts done by the evening. The most exciting scenes shot where Deivis’ (featuring our own Blandish and Crismery in starring roles), where his crew was able to turn a radio station into a police interrogation room in a matter of hours. Jose Ignacio continued to shoot Violeta’s final, perfectly matching the continuity from the scenes shot yesterday. Back at the lab, Guillermo used his skills as a graphic artist to develop animation to use for Watson and Kelvin’s thriller piece. Tonight is going to be rough on all the editors, who will work throughout the night to ensure they finish the pieces before the morning deadline. Everyone is looking forward to premiering their work tomorrow evening at the graduation!

Day 18 -  June 24, 2009
Today’s the first day of shoots for the final projects. The three directors are out on the field, working with their crews from sunrise to sunset. Students are shooting all over Santo Domingo and the surrounding neighborhoods, branching out of their comfort zones and choosing visually appealing locations. As the directors work with their DPs to get the shots needed, the three editors (Foreste, Guillermo, and Dilenia) are hard at work logging the day’s footage and getting a head start in the edit room.  Jose Ignacio got his first experience working with professional actors on set, and it was quite helpful having Violeta on set to answer any questions from the writer’s point of view.  The crews are gearing up for the next long day of production and post – will they all make it before the deadline?

Day 17 - June 23, 2009
It’s been another intense day of pre-production for Karen, Deivis, Violeta, and Jose Ignacio, as the two groups began storyboarding and preparing pre-production for their shorts. Watson was able to direct a scene from Kelvin’s script, and their editor, Guillermo, quickly began working on the dailies after they wrapped. For Karen’s script, Deivis will bring to life a crime thriller about two detectives who must uncover the truth about the murder of an elderly woman. Violeta has been writing a drama about a Dominican girl who falls for a Haitian boy, and Jose Ignacio has been working diligently on the shot lists.  The shoots are now up and running, check out the production stills for more!

Day 16 - June 22, 2009
We’re on to week 4 and have begun the countdown to the end of this year’s Summer Intensive! The writers have been matched with the directors, the crews have been assembled, and pre-production has begun. All day today, writers were working with Irving and their teaching assistants to develop their ideas further, while the directors prepared their crews and equipment packages. Kelvin was the first to complete his script (a story about an all-too-friendly neighbor who turns stalker), and was able to work with his director Watson on their dramatic piece. The two developed an interesting way to tell the story visually and moved right on to creating storyboards and shot lists for tomorrow’s shoot. Let’s hope we complete all the final projects in before the deadline!