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Day 10 - June 12, 2009

Today was our last day at Telecentro, where we managed to wrap eight television projects in one day! The final batch dealt with topics ranging from education to sports to politics. While some of our projects were shot entirely in French, our student Watson did a talk show on Dominican/Haitian relations in both Spanish and Creole. The students have become pros on the studio floor, as well as the control room, so much so that they managed to shoot two TV shows per hour. 

The students are now spending the weekend pre-producing their shorts, which they will begin shooting next week. All storyboards and shot lists have been approved, call sheets have been sent out, and the crews are ready to go on Monday!

Day 9 - June 11th, 2009

Happy Corpus Christi! Telecentro is closed today for the national holiday, so we're back at FUNGLODE working with the students on their outlines, which they are now turning into three to five page scripts. The TAs are introducing the students to Final Draft, where they will continue to develop their scripts before their pre-production crew meetings. Our students are getting a real kick out of learning how to write and format their scripts, and once completed, the crews will meet with their assigned TAs and go through their storyboards, their shot lists, and their production essentials. It's all happening so fast, but everyone is on task to completing their work by the end of the day.

Tomorrow, we're on to complete the final seven television studio projects before the deadline. Here's hoping we complete all in time!

Day 8 - June 10th, 2009

It's our third at Telecentro, and everyone is working harder than ever to complete their assignments. We've had all types of shows produced today: a fashion show (hosted entirely in French by Foreste), an extreme sports show, and a technology/new media talk show. The students have become experts in the control room, and the TAs are now just on the sidelines in case any technical issues come up. The rotations are working really well, and the students are beginning to understand how important it is to rely on each other when working in this industry. 

Pitches have also been approved by Irving, and students are beginning to outline their short narratives. Irving and the TAs will help the students develop their stories so that they can achieve their artistic vision. Tomorrow, the students will begin pre-production and break off into their crews, acting as their own producers. Everyone is excited for the next batch of projects!

Day 7 - June 9th, 2009

We're here at Telecentro, working on our ten minute TV show segments. We managed to complete four projects today, including Jose Ignacio's entertaining music game show. In the control room, students have been picking up the commands rather quickly. The students have been working hard, learning all the roles of TV production rather quickly. It's been really interesting to see how we've managed the language barrier in the studio - when our Haitian students take on the role as director, we've got our TAs translating from French into Spanish and English, and it ends up working very efficiently! Our students have shown that after this week, they are fully capable of working in the high paced environment of live television production.

The students have also begun pitching their three ideas for their short narratives, which they'll be writing and shooting next week. We've already heard some great stories, including one about a serial killer who chops up her first dates. It's going to be an exciting couple of weeks!

Day 6 - June 8th, 2009

Welcome to Week 2! Now that our students have completed their first assignments, the thirty second commercials, we move on to the next project: a ten minute live-to-tape television studio show. Every student will get the chance to host his or her own show, while the rest of the students take on the various functions in the control room and on the studio floor to produce a TV show. We completed two projects today as a demo run: Katiuska's on jewelry (she had two of her production assistants impersonate top fashion designers), and Karen's show about celebrity gossip (which included an exclusive interview with our very own resident actress, Crismery!). This week, students will learn how demanding yet rewarding working on a TV set can be as they learn to rely on themselves and their crew members to complete the projects. And all the hard work they put into their commercials pulled off - they were able to use them as breaks in between their show segments. 

Keep checking in to catch production stills from the control room and studio floor!

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