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Born and raised in Dakar, Senegal, I just graduated from NYU with a Bachelor's in Economics and Political Science. My work with UNFPA, IRC, SOS Village, and the US State Department has supported my interest in International Affairs and helped link my academic work in economic development with my passion in contributing to conflict resolution in impoverished countries. Having worked in communication and realized that social media is a crucial component of conflict resolution, I am fascinated by the process of film-making and the realization of poignant documentaries that impact changes in policy. I am attracted by the challenge of quantifying social themes that are usually qualified through observation. Though undecided on whether to head to graduate school at SIPA Columbia University and Sciences-Po Paris for a double master's in Economic and Political Development or enter the professional world, I am clear on beginning my independent film project within the year. I am eager to hone the skills that I am gaining in the Summer Intensive Institute in order to begin work on my documentary regarding migration trends, as caused by internal political disarray and regional conflict in Africa. I believe that understanding the role that light, angles, and editing have in the emotional impact of a film is crucial to changing tomorrow's world...and so it begins.

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